Advanced Past Life Regression Quantum Healing 

Past Life Regression Quantum Healing 

The Trible Way- Ancient Berber and Native Sacred Practice 


"I will never really be able to fully explain how much Doris helped me. She helped me heal and get my life back. She is an extremely kind and caring soul and it shows in all the work she does. I strongly recommend you use her services.”

Brady Small

Meditation keeps me calm and focus at school. I Love meditation because it gives me good energy.”  


Marisa L

In the process of exploring the connection between the spirit and physical worlds, I found Doris then clarity. Doris is a great teacher who holds abilities of the ancients as she navigates from physical to ether bringing healing solutions and treasures.

My very first shamanic reading and healing session was truly inspiring Doris is thoughtful, honest and illuminating the many perspective presented themselves,  I’m totally blown away!


"I’ve practiced under the guidance of Tassa Wellness for quite a while now, and have seen awesome results.

Doris has an amazing ability to focus on each individual and know just what they need to be led on the path to well being."



At first, I was very skeptical, but I decided to try a session anyways. However, in my head, “I wasn’t going to share or provide any info”, I just wanted to know what shamanic healing and reading was about. The session began with drum and chants… then Doris spot on laid it all out in such an inspiring way, just like an open book yet healing.  Doris have a special way to bring awareness.