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Coffee Reading - In person only 


Tasseography is a modern word used to describe an ancient art of interpreting patterns from sediments including of the seeker’s cup of coffee, wine, and tea leaf. For thousands of years Shamans and seers used many tools and methods to look after tribe, navigate into community issues, and migrations all while tapping to the spirited realms.



We begins with technique/s to help induce calm. Next sipping Coffee while focusing on issues at hand. The cup is then managed and set aside for a short time before readings.

When needed, a card reading will be paired with coffee reading for further insight. 

Card Reading - in conjunction with Coffee Reading only

We meditate and discuss question and nature of information you seek to shade a light on reading and its optimal length. You will be provided with additional insight to address said questions.

Reading is then channeled, shared, and remedied promptly.

In Closing 

By the end of the session, you will have a heart full of appreciation and awareness toward the self, along with sacred protocols up your sleeves to help with positive changes, and aspirations.


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