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Tassa wellness is closed as our individual and groups therapeutics and classes are in direct conflict with state mandate safety protocols for pandemic - You and your child's safety /wellbeing is our top priority!

Please check back when state mandates are lifted. 


Doris Weber - Tassa Wellness

Meditation keeps me calm and focused at school.

I love meditation because it gives me good energy.”  - SW

Join Tassa today and take your child on a journey to self-discovery and positive transformation.


Imagination and Beyond 

Join us in a fun and creative child group sessions promoting self-development, social and coping skills. This one of a kind class is designed to ease anxiety and provide problem solving techniques. Incorporating meditation and breathing exercises into our sessions helps children achieve inner perspective and master an internal peace while engaging in everyday life activities.

Doris Weber - therapist/author and staff are here to help and guide your child through each step of the way. 


The benefits of meditation

Meditation provides children with internal stillness, allowing time for conscientious breathing and calm. It provides self-love/acceptance, and heightened awareness of their feelings.

Meditation inspires children to see the true nature of things, improved focus, and acquire patience.

All sessions begin with guided meditation and end with breathing exercises.

Class information

Sessions begin on February 24th – May 16th, 2020 in accordance with the DPS Calendar.

Each session is 11 weeks long. Classes will commence once per week for 90 minutes.

No sessions during Spring Break - Mon 03/30th – Friday 04/03. Classes will resume on 04/06/2020Limited space is available. Insight to our sessions will be provided at start date.


Time:  3:30 - 5:00pm           

Grade          Days    Dates

Pre-k - K     Mon     TBD

1st – 2nd    Tue        

3rd – 4th    Wed        

5th– 6th    Thurs    



Cost:  $440.00

Insurance: NA 

Financial Aid: Available to qualified families, funds will be distributed on first come first serve basis.


Sponsorship Program: 

Help make a difference in a child’s life by sponsoring a full or partial therapeutic program.


Disclosures and Policies  

Imagination and Beyond /Shamanic Circle: 

All sales are final – serious inquires please.

No prorated policy however, missed session will be bridged within the program period and at Tassa’s discretion. Please limit nonattendance.


Weather Policy: We follow DPS closures/snow day, however, we will make-up session within the program period and at Tassa's discretion. 


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