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Tassa wellness is closed as our individual and groups therapeutics and classes are in direct conflict with state mandate safety protocols for pandemic - You and your child's safety /wellbeing is our top priority!

Please check back when state mandates are lifted. 


Doris Weber - Tassa Wellness

"We meet ourselves time and again in a thousand disguises on the path of life.”  - C.G. Jung

Children and Hypnotherapy

Hypnosis can be a highly effective treatment to many children’s issues. Unlike adults, children are more receptive to hypnosis. Children are excellent candidate as they possess vivid and wonderful imaginations in which induces the hypnotic state effortlessly. 


What is hypnosis?          

Hypnosis is a relaxed, yet focused state of concentration. The brain enters a deep relaxation state in which it is receptive to suggestion and or guided session. After induced hypnosis, a change in brain wave activity occurs like that moment before falling sleep. Your brain's waking state is a Beta brain wave. Just as you fall asleep it changes to Alpha, then to Delta and Theta in deep sleep.

The alpha state is a very dreamy, pleasant state. During this time the mind is open to visualizations creating a rich sensory experience. The more real the experience becomes the more your child can gain control over the issue at hand. Please visit Brainwave entrainment page for more information.



We specialize in a multitude of issues to effectively address and meet your child needs as such: trauma, anxiety, insomnia nightmare, depression, phobia, self-esteem, academic, sport and more.  


At Tassa we use age appropriate, techniques such: guided visualization, movement, art, stories, sound, play, and much more. 

The Benefits of Hypnotherapy

Increased: self-confidence, motivation, concentration and relaxation. Reduced: anxiety, depression, destructive, self-sabotage habits, phobias and tension. Improved: memory, social skills, decisiveness and more 


How to prepare?

Wear comfortable clothing and be well-rested. 



The more likely you are to be hypnotized, the more likely you will benefit from hypnosis.

What are the possible side effects?

Hypnosis can be counterproductive if your child is suffering from a serious psychiatric condition. 

Please consult with your child's provider prior to making appointment.  We work with many providers on a case to case basis and at Tassa Wellness discretion, a referral is a must.