The Team
The Outdoors 

John, one of our most popular team members, John is passionate about fitness and living a healthy lifestyle

— attitude we value greatly at TASSA.


​John has been an avid for wilderness since early childhood. His love for nature combined with Tassa Wellness, has given birth to Tassa’s shamanic retreat. 


Join John for a not your everyday 1-2 days weekend seasonal earth grounding adventures: camping, hiking, snow boarding/skiing, or kayaking through the Rocky Mountains Wilderness, followed by a Sacred Shamanic Healing Ceremonial. 


Computer Systems Engineer

Environmental Health and Safety

Outdoor Avid  

Volunteer at Tassa


Navy - Army - National Guard 

Doris Weber 
Founder - Therapist 

Whether you are facing life challenging difficulties, experiencing new outlook on life, or simply want to improve, Doris Weber is your go-to person for all your wellness and beyond needs.


Doris’s signature lays in her innate ability to integrate science and inherent ancient therapeutic methodologies leading to profound results on all levels. Doris works with adults and children and her specialties draws on a wide range of healing modalities


Colorado Board Registered Psychotherapy

Certified L- III Advanced Hypnotherapist

Certified L- I Well-Point Hypnosis Method

Biofeedback state of the art scanning tech 


Head of Special Education.

Educational Program Developer.

Quantum Physic 

Brainwave Entrainment therapist

Scalar Wave Therapy 

Light Therapy 

Frequency - vibrational therapy 


Ancient Berber Healing Mastery

Certified Reiki level III.

Therapeutic Meditation

The School of Thoughts

Author and Teacher @ Tassa wellness Imagination and Beyond -

child Group Therapy 

Physical and Beyond - adults Class 

“Cooking for Angels”

Author, Artist, Script Writer and Producer of TV pilot Show and Nutritional Cookbook for parents of Infants and Toddlers.

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Fun fact: Doris was the lead singer of her rock band.

Tedy Weber 
Fundraising - Accountant

Tedy’s inborn ability to lovingly connect to people along with his extensive background in finance, allowed him the opportunity to contribute to a good cause, and he has been on board volunteering for Tassa Wellness ever since.


Tedy understands the concept of 

"it takes a village".. and brought forth    Sponsor adult/child session program in order  to help people regardless of financial abilities. 



Applied Mathematics.


Quantitative Finance

Trading Municipal Products

Financial – Business Modeling