Advanced Hypnotherapy

Tassa wellness is closed as our individual and groups therapeutics and classes are in direct conflict with state mandate safety protocols for pandemic - your safety and wellbeing is our top priority!

Please check back when state mandates are lifted. 

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We meet ourselves time and again in a thousand disguises on the path of life.” - C.G. Jung

What is hypnosis?


​Hypnosis is a relaxed, yet focused state of concentration. The brain enters a deep relaxation state in which it is receptive. After induced hypnosis, a change in brain wave activity occurs similar to that moment before falling sleep. Your brain's waking state is a Beta brain wave. Just as you fall asleep it changes to Alpha, then to Delta and Theta in deep sleep. The alpha state is a very dreamy, pleasant state. During this time the mind is open to visualizations creating a rich sensory experience. The more real the experience becomes the more you gain control over undesired behaviors, coping skills and life in general.

Advanced Hypnotherapy 

At Tassa Wellness, we  draw on a wide range of healing modalities but is strongly centered in the following areas and hypnosis techniques: Solution Focused. Suggestion. Visualization,

Holographic - Quantum Healing Hypnotherapy, Trans-Personal and Past Life Regression. 


Our Specialties

We specializes in a multitude of issues, utilizing Advanced Hypnotherapy to effectively address adult and child conditions such: trauma, anxiety, addiction, insomnia, nightmare, depression, phobia, self-esteem, sports and academic. 


About Well Point Hypnosis Method


With well point Hypnosis method, you can take the guess work out of bringing the self to an ultimate meditative state that helps bring about the positive changes needed. 

​Wellpoint Hypnosis Method™ has been in research and development for the past six years however, it is an amalgamation of over 50 years of combined work in the energy medicine, meditation, past- life regression, sub-conscious mind reprogramming, brainwave entrainment and sound frequency fields. Wellpoint Hypnosis Method™ is not traditional hypnotherapy, it is a spiritual hypnosis technique utilizing customized SOUNDSYNCTECH™ sound frequencies to access the quantum field within using alpha, theta & delta brainwave states which may facilitate a self-healing response. Click bellow to learn about the many benefits of Well Point Hypnosis Method

Choose your session

 In person:

includes interview, intake, hypnosis and post hypnosis counselling 

How to prepare?

Wear comfortable clothing and be well-rested.

What are the possible side effects?

Hypnosis can be counterproductive if you are suffering from a serious psychiatric condition.

Please consult with your provider - a referral is required.

We work with many providers on a case to case basis, and at Tassa Wellness discretion.


Shamanic Journeying 

The Shamans


Shamanic abilities are gifted at birth with a heighten awareness but can also be achieved by the Shamans passing their ancestral knowledge and teachings to their young.      


About Shamanic Healing


A Shamans work is done during a self-induced blissful state of consciousness, allowing for journeying between the physical to the “unseen” realms within organic portals.


The Shaman’s ability to facilitate change is greatly dependent upon the ability to connect by means of her/his own higher faculties and heart center. Shamans help remove attached energies from the human quantum-etheric and mental field and with the return of energies.


Original knowledge hold that all physical misalignments are corresponding to the human energetic and mental fields.



A Shamanic Journeying Includes ancestral healing, soul alignment with soul’s path. Energy healing through light, sound, and prayers/ chants. Journeying to places of healing and wisdom in parallel worlds and contract revocation.


What is the energetic womb/root and correlation to the physical body?

All of creation holds an energetic womb signature in their field. The energetic womb - root is corollate to the physical body and energy field as such:


Morphogenetic fields

also refers to morphic fields, are a group of cells that leads to a specific body structures or organs. (see Rupert Sheldrake)


Etheric fields


an independent field surrounding every single pulsing energetic component of life: cell, plant, person, including specific etheric field that connect to the physical body.


Unique Energies

the biofields regulating emotional, mental, spiritual, and - or physical functions corresponding to parts of the subtle body Fields.


Groups - Individual Sessions

Sharing our happiness and burdens is an ancient practice proven to be extremely beneficial and nurturing. During a session, we work through past issues leading to present. The womb/root field (gut) is where we tend to store traumas that manifest into existence within the physical body.


In this safe and nourishing space, you will be free to express yourself as we clear away stagnant energy and allow your field to come to life. A sparkle spirit with creativity and Intuitive abilities accounts for a powerful womb field.


Group Shamanic circle  

Join us for shamanic therapy and discover the path to healing the self through an ancient path.

Our one of a kind sacred healing begins with drumming and dance, herbal steam of the root, balancing of the energetic fields, talking circle, aroma and guided breathing. 


Check: Tassa Adults / Kids

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mothers & daughters, fathers & sons, and adolescence: ages: 14 -17 and


Physical and Beyond

A class designed for the inevitable awakening and investigative minds

The school within


A shamanic treasure across timelines


You are a divine spark, a manifestation of god source that has given birth to our ethereal and physical cosmos. You are gifted with the ability to peel the multi layered realities and return to your inherited origins at any time. When connecting to source from within, you bring about connection, awareness, intuition and telepathy. Together, we are the creators of all realities, inseparable from creation itself.


Creation carries a unique energetic signature spirit, embedded with infinite memories of all possibilities from its conception.

Spirit is the beacon to freedom of expression.


Since the energetic signatures on earth are obscured by an artificial net - an overlay of low frequency, we can’t recall our past lives, connect to god source, the all-knowing field or reach our true potentials thereby cycled in an infinite loop of entangled reincarnations. This...…….


Let Tassa take you on a journey of self-discovery, with this newly empowered knowledge you will learn to elevate your innate, conquer past and present life trauma and start a new chapter with confidence.